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Skinny Line

The Post Office Can (and Will) Sell Your Stuff, Even Before the Delivery Date

Caveat emptor.

The U.S. Postal Service makes a profit from selling your lost stuff. It auctioned off $3,100 worth of my books before they were even supposed to be delivered, and continued to sell them long after it was made aware of the issue. “Fascinating!”

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A Business Plan Is More Likely to Hurt Your Business Than Help It

Not a single Fortune 500 was started with a business plan; not one. They understood that the second worst thing someone starting a business can do is create a traditional business plan, and the worst thing they can do is follow it.

Exhaustive Pre-Planning Is a Disease
Highly detailed pre-planning is a business disease of the Industrial Age that became popular as companies grew to giant proportions and as educators began imposing their cognitive world view on an otherwise intuitive business world. They forgot how they got there and started telling everyone else to do something they would have never done—plan out the next five years of your business in detail before you get started.

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Turn Everyone Into a Capitalist and Watch Your Company Grow

Turning everyone into a capitalist is essential for creating a Stakeholder’s culture, where everybody brings their brain to work and takes responsibility to build a great company, not for you, but with you. And it will make you more money.

Next to owning a piece of the company, incentive-based pay is the highest form of ownership. Leaders understand that if everyone shares in the fruit of their labors, they will take ownership of the entire process and of the company itself.

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It’s Time To Debunk The Myth That People Are Your Greatest Asset

Leaders have trumpeted this worn-out buzzword phrase for decades now. And every time it’s repeated, it allows leaders to ignore working on the one thing that truly is their greatest asset, or in most cases, their greatest liability.

We never say people are our greatest asset-to them, to ourselves, or to the business world in general. We have the best people you can find, not because we use worn-out buzzword phrases, but because our beliefs lay the foundation for attracting and retaining great people.

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Hourly Wages and Overtime Pay Are The Wrong Discussion In The Participation Age

Why are we talking about the hourly wage, or overtime pay for lower-paid managers? Those are Industrial Age discussions in a post-Industrial world.

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Square CEO Jack Dorsey Says If You’re Making Decisions, You’re Not Leading

It’s counter-logical, but leaders rarely make decisions for others. Managers make decisions for others (and dehumanize them in the process). Most people who think they are leading are only managing. Great leaders know the difference.

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Why Most Mission Statements Suck So Bad

We aim to be the #1 pencil manufacturer by proactively enhancing our viability with the highest profit, while visualizing a world where we own everything. Blecchh…

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Why The F-Word Is the Right Response in Every Circumstance--No Exceptions

In the early 2000s, Rosamund and Benjamin Zander wrote a great little book called The Art of Possibility. They taught me to use the F-word as a response to everything. You should, too.

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Local Business Is Better For Your Health Than Big Business

Every town salivates when a giant corporation glances in their direction to maybe build a facility there. It turns out those giants are not good for the health of the people who live there.

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College Grads Forego MBAs To Pay a Company $25,000 To Work For Them

In 2010, Peter Thiel, co-founder and former CEO of Paypal, made headlines by paying some college kids $100,000 to leave school. Starting next month, students will be doing just the opposite - skipping MBAs to pay our company $25,000 as Apprentices, to lea

Phil Randazzo, an Nevada native who will graduate from Elmhurst College in a few weeks, has opted to pay to learn from me for one year instead of getting a traditional MBA. This may be the first time since the end of the apprentice system in the 19thcentury that someone paid a company to go to work for them. I believe we’re just going back where we came from.

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