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At Nearsoft, No Managers and Complete Freedom Create Responsibility, Not Anarchy

Leaders at Nearsoft believe that when you give people complete freedom, it makes them even more responsible, not less. It’s counter-logical, but actually very intuitive.

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DaVita: a 65,000 Person Corporate Village, or Just a CEO’s Nutty Dream?

What if a global business was not a soulless profit machine, but a community, a “village” where everybody had a brain, made important decisions for the corporation, and promoted and lived in community? Could it work? It already is, and we can all learn something important from them.

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How To Get Off The Treadmill and Never Have a Bucket List

There is a good explanation for why we get stuck trying to simply make money and rarely get around to building a life that matters. We are constantly fighting to balance two opposing daily realities: The Tyranny of the Urgent vs. The Priority of the Important.

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Successful People Are Peacemakers, Not Peacekeepers

If it weren’t for people, my business would be perfect. Business is sometimes simple; dealing with people is hard. Peacemaking fixes that. Peacekeeping makes it worse.

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The Degeneration of the Handshake, and Why It Matters to You

Is the handshake devolving? Is there a business opportunity here for those paying attention? Just maybe — on both accounts.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Only Have One Goal The Rest of Your Life

If you don’t have a vision for your own life, you’ll become part of someone else’s vision for theirs.

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Time Away From Business Is As Important As Time Working In It

Surveys show 76% of CEOs, owners and founders don’t take time away from the business. The sad irony is that nothing will hurt their ability to grow a successful business more than working in the trenches every day.

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Riding a Bike In Tuscany Taught Me Why People Don’t Set Goals

"Are you lost?" "No, I just don’t know where I am."

I learn a lot riding my bike. We’re in Tuscany for a month and today was the sixth day of riding. Twenty glorious days to go. The first day, and every day since, I simply decided which direction I was going (north, south, toward the hills, away from them, etc.), then got on my bike and went.

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The 7 Deadly Words You Can Never Afford to Use

Words express our deepest beliefs. If you want a successful business or a great life, these words won’t help you get there.

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3 Reasons Why One Company’s $70,000 Minimum Wage Hurt Everyone Who Got It

At Payment Systems, Inc., everyone now gets $70,000 a year minimum. But people are quitting, and others are sharing complaints heard in factories a hundred years ago. Shouldn’t everyone be thrilled?

There are three big reasons why this is destructive, and such a bad idea for the people who work there.

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Making Money is Killing Your Business

You’re too busy making money; no business can survive that. Your business should give you both time and money. Not just money.

Making Money is Killing Your Business

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