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One Learned Skill Contributes To Success More Than Any Other

For decades while helping founders build their businesses, we have told them the number one attribute of success is Speed of Execution, which is the practical outcome of being willing to take risks.

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The Two Most Important Business Words You’ve Never Heard

For years we have shared that anyone can be successful with just a few things: 1) Speed of execution—get enough information and take the risk to get moving quickly, 2) Be the bulldog—never give up. In shorthand, get moving and stay moving.

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Business Ownership Is Normal, Being An Employee Is Historically the Exception

Here’s the historical perspective on why no one wants to be an executive and why 65% want to own their own business. We are going back where we came from – business ownership.

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81% of Adults Would Work Better Without a Manager: Are You One of Them?

The Gallup Employee Engagement Index shows that 29% of people could be self-managed without being encouraged to do so. Another 52% will take charge and be contributors if they were in the right environment that encourages participation. And 19% are incorrigible – they won’t step up no matter how hard you encourage it. The good news is that if a company creates the right culture and a managerless structure, 81% of people will get on board.

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Richard Branson Is Right: Time Is the New Money

Richard Branson just announced he would be giving Virgin employees unlimited vacation. He’s either nuts or knows something others have yet to discover: You’ll make more money if you give people their time back.

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Traditional Education: The Sacred Cow Is Slain

Our traditional education system is the last great monopoly of the Industrial Age and is awkwardly out of synch with the Participation Age in which we live.

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Balance Doesn’t Work – You Really Can’t Have it All – At Once

“Having it all” is an Industrial Age charade. Starting a successful business isn’t something you can do while living a “balanced” life. The bucolic suburban life of the 1950s was missing one thing – significance. People who live remarkable lives don’t live balanced ones. They don’t want one, either. Do you want a successful life? Then stop seeking balance.

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Why Did The SBA Just Gift Millions To For-Profit Businesses?

The Small Business Administration just announced the award of millions of dollars in grants to “accelerators”, which are designed for venture capitalists to sift through countless startups to find the few they think can make them the most money. But the rationale, efficacy, and fairness of this program needs to be challenged.

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Why ’Participation Age’ Leaders Will Beat Old-School Managers, Every Time

Last year, the CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, created shock waves throughout the tech world by dictating that “work from home” was no longer permitted. She summarily herded everyone back into the Office Day Care Center to be closely supervised like seven year olds. A few years earlier, a large multi-national company headquartered in Brazil named Semco, threw a party for their leader, Ricardo Semler, to commemorate his 10th anniversary of not making a decision.

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Unmotivated Employees Won’t Like Where The Work World Is Headed

The time is ripe for entrepreneurs, but will employees survive the next evolution? Maybe, but they’re going to have to change, now.

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