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Skinny Line

New Year Planning? Do as little as possible.

Annual planning, the way we’ve been taught, is largely fortune telling and a waste of time. Plan more effectively by doing less of it.

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Get a Second Planet

We waste a lot of time and money trying to fix our problems. Working on your problems is generally a bad idea if you want to be successful.

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Do What You Love? Maybe Not.

Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life? Wrong – do what you love and you’ll be on the treadmill the rest of your life. There’s a better way.

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Always release your product before it is ready.

Want to be successful? Get your product or service out there now, not after you’ve refined it and made it good. The MBA programs are wrong. Get moving.

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Relationships. Not Marketing.

While I was in Kenya last week I met with a new friend for a few hours to discuss his need to bring in new clients. He was thinking he might need to do some marketing. I suggested he forget marketing and talk to his friends instead.

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Complexity is paradigmatically iniquitous, nocent and peccant.

3" binders and 6 CDs usually signify a lack of effective content. We desperately want complexity and fancy stuff to solve our business problems. Good luck with that.

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There is another level above win-win.

There are a lot of ways to lead. I aspire quite imperfectly to only one of them.

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Why shelf-help books only help your shelf

“That book was great! You should read it.”

Beware the pursuit of knowledge.

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Dodd-Frank is devastating the Congo right now.

We have a social enterprise in the DR Congo to end systemic poverty. The opportunities to solve it are at our fingertips. Global Witness and Enough Project, human rights advocacy groups who should be aligned with us, are doing everything they can to stop us.

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It’s never the process. It’s always the person.

McDonald’s legendary “process-driven” business model is touted in Michael Gerber’s book, the E-Myth, as the central thing you need to succeed – a system will get you off the treadmill. Problem – 21.4% of SBA-funded McD’s fail. Huh?

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Why Employees Are Always a Bad Idea (WEAAABI) is radical book about the Participation Age, for everyone who: has a job, owns a company, or manages people.

Making Money is Killing Your Business

You’re too busy making money; no business can survive that. Your business should give you both time and money. Not just money.

Making Money is Killing Your Business

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We started Crankset Group out of the desire to help small businesses grow and mature. Along the way, we have developed a lot of the tools and practices that we’ve created working directly with business owners. Now these tools and resources are available to you.

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