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A Gift, From You, To Your Business This Year

Tis the season… What gift will you give your business this year? I asked some friends that on yesterday – following are some of the great responses:

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The Single Most Important Question in Business

As responsible business owners, we invest a lot of time answering the “what” question. What will I sell? What should my price be? What kind of marketing should I do?

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The 2nd Most Important Question in Business


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

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Don’t Be a Mosquito in a Nudist Colony

Why Lifetime Goals are so important to what I do tomorrow, and why tomorrow is so important to my Lifetime Goals.

The mosquito in the nudist colony is thinking, “I know what to do, I just don’t know where to begin.” As business owners, we might have a similar experience, either not knowing where to begin, or not knowing what to do next to take our business to maturity. We have so little time – prioritizing what to do next is critical to our success.

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Why Social Networking (locally and digitally) Can Be a Bad Idea.

148.7 – The maximum number of social relationships any average human being can handle, according to research by anthropologist Robin Dunbar (1998) and others.

73,395 – The maximum number of people following one person on (right now.)

Houston, we have a problem. Are we wasting our time with social networking?

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What a fighter pilot can teach us about increasing sales.

In the gulf war, before an F15 pilot friend of mine went into a dogfight, he would turn off all but a couple of his heads up warning and information systems . Why? Because the “feature-rich” environment created so much information overload that it kept him from being focused on the two things he needed to focus on – shooting the other guy down and staying alive. What does that have to do with increasing sales?

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Ambient Awareness? Really? Do you buy from the “Ambiently Aware?”

Do you buy from the Ambiently Aware? Are you Ambiently challenged? Can we stuff more syllables into a smaller space?

In the September 5th New York Times, there was an article called Brave New World of Digital Intimacy exploring how relationships have changed now that we’re sharing our lives on-line via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others. It didn’t take long for intellectuals to create fancy compartment labels for online business relationships.

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Fixing Your Marketing: Go deep, not Broad

One of the biggest marketing challenges is accepting the difference between finding customers who WILL buy over those MOST LIKELY to buy. This is one of the toughest marketing concepts to get a business to embrace, and possibly the most important.

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Fixing Your Marketing; Random Hope is not a Marketing Strategy

Why doesn’t our marketing work? We are measuring the wrong thing.

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Fixing Your Marketing; Build it and they will come – not.

One of at least seven reasons why you’re marketing doesn’t work.

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